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We are dynamic and fast developing logistics company offering comprehensive one-stop-shop services.

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From our broad experience we know that the most effective supply chain optimization solutions that allow you to reduce costs are created not at the desk during the analysis of reports, but during direct contact with customers. We call them "magical moments" during which we test how actual processes work and together with customers we try looking at them from different perspective. We think in an out-of-the-box way to create unconventional, but always tailor-made, logistics services for clients.

What does it mean
to our customers?

Our integrated solutions help increase efficiency, flexibility and cost benefits throughout the entire supply chain. By combining all necessary services into a complete and optimized package, supply chain operations are simplified and our clients' companies can grow faster.

our team

We are primarily passionate about logistics. We are also an energetic group of people who have become like a family. This is the work environment we cultivate in Box Logistics - friendly and inspiring to give more. Every day, we are happy with what we do and derive satisfation from our customers’ happiness. Would you like to find out? You are more than welcome to contact us.


The services we offer are based on the innovative One-Stop-Shop strategy providing a full chain of logistics services regardless of the type of cargo, means of transport or location. Shortly speaking - we will organize the transport of any goods from any point A in the world to point B by any possible route. At Box Logistics, we deal with the transport of bulk goods, general cargo, oversize cargo and all types of sea containers. Our comprehensive offer also includes loading, unloading, packaging, labeling, customs and port services, storage and other specialized services.
We operate globally and locally, we use all types of transport - sea, road, air and mixed (intermodal) to improve the efficiency of both the entire logistics process as well as individual modes of transport.

In our company, we specialize in managing even the most complex transport and logistics processes. We work with experienced, the best on the market, offering best price and quality services suppliers and subcontractors for each area of the supply chain.

If you need personalized and cost-competitive transport and logistics solutions, you are in the right place.


Why us?

Discover what makes Box Logistics the perfect logistics partner for your company.


Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain? You need a reliable logistics partner! One that will support your business wherever it is needed - both locally and at the other end of the world. A partner who knows exactly the specifics of your market and the needs of dynamic changes taking place on it. A partner who works according to international safety and environmental standards based on the latest technologies. You need someone like us!


We believe that an experienced team stands behind the success of every organization. It is thanks to the specialized knowledge of our employees that we are able to offer services at the highest level. Transferring the logistics to our company will allow you to focus on your core business. You will save time, energy and money that has been wasted so far on trying to manage a complex global supply chain.

logistics outsourcing

We offer many ready-to-use logistics solutions based on modern technologies and our resources. Thanks to this approach, your company will not have to incur additional costs for the implementation of specialized logistics services and you will be able to invest the capital saved this way into your company development. In addition, logistics outsourcing provides the ability to respond quickly to changing business environment conditions and minimizes risk.

Box Logistics Bulk Liquid Transport

Box Logistics and BLT announce, that from February 2021, Box Logistics becomes an Exclusive Agent for Central Europe for distribution, sales and services of BLT Flexitanks and Liner Bags.  

Box Logistics is a dynamic and fast-developing logistics company offering comprehensive one-stop-shop,  modern and tailor-made logistics services. 

BLT, with more than 400.000 Flexitanks produced a year, is a world’s largest Flexitank Manufacturer and a pioneer in this industry. 

Box Logistics start strategic cooperation with BLT in all world regions within the bulk liquid and bulk dry products transportation. To safeguard the quality of our products, produced in state-of-art technology,  production is covered by quality certificates such as FSCC 22000 or ISO 9001.

Box Logistics Waterpolo Poznań

We want to support niche and innovative projects in Poland in line with our out-of-the-box philosophy. That is why we have established strategic cooperation with the Waterpolo Poznań team. In the 2019/2020 season, the team will appear under the name Box Logistics Waterpolo Poznań in the Polish Championships. Water polo has been on the Olympics program since 1900. It is being played in over 100 countries but it is most popular in Europe, in countries such as Hungary, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Waterpolo Poznań Waterpolo Poznań www.waterpolo-poznan.pl

The Waterpolo Poznań team was founded in 2011 with the intention of reviving the pre- and post-war tradition of water polo games in Poznań. In the club’s 8 years of existence, the senior team recorded further sports successes, winning 2 bronze and 3 silver medals at the Polish Senior Championships. The team is made up of players from many entitled clubs, mostly former and present representatives of Poland. We hope that our support will result in the development of this interesting sport discipline in Poland. We will strongly support the team throughout the season and wish them success in the fight for medals!

Waterpolo Poznań
Waterpolo Poznań



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